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John began his martial arts training in 1972 and since has studied all over the world, including in Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, India, USA, and Brazil, with such notables as Benny Urquidez, Gene Le Bell, Shuki Ron, Pete Cunningham, Rorion and Rickson Gracie, and the Machado Brothers.He has black belts in numerous styles of martial arts and has studied forms of grappling ranging from western wrestling to obscure Asian grappling arts.

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His many titles include 2010 IBJJF No Gi BJJ (Submission Grappling) Black Belt Senior 3 World Champion in the medium and open weight class divisions, 2009 BJJ American National champion in the Senionr 3 medium heavyweight Black Belt division, 2009 IBJJF No Gi BJJ (Submission Grappling) Black Belt Senior 3 World Champion in the medium heavy and open weight class divisions, 2004 gold medalist for the Senior Black Belt division of the Pan Am games, winner of the 1998 Korean Air Black Belt Challenge.John Will John Will was awarded the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by Rigan and Jean Jacques Machado in 1998; making him the first Australian Brazilian Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.He is the top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor in Australia, coaching and training with many Jiu Jitsu and no holds barred fighters.He received his 3rd Dan in Jujitsu under Sensei Jack Seki and holds a 4th Dan under Prof. David is also a passionate advocate for animal welfare and has been a vegetarian since 1985.He co-founded, the world’s largest non-profit pet adoption website where you can adopt a pet, promoting dog adoption and cat adoption by listing pets to rescue at animal shelters and humane societies around the country.

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