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0) Any mod that does not modify dialoguefollower quest/script1) If you load below UFO, you can use mods for followers.

Unless they have dialoguefollower limitation from 0) 2) Custom follower mods by default get - Level UP dialog, Display STATs dialog, More Followers at Once, Followers can Ride and can have full inventory control by telling: You could dress better.********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************This mod originally started as an extension to TCG Tradable Companion Gear.

Reported by users, follower changing, fully compatible mods for now: Followers can Relax Follower Trap Safety Spouse can live everywhere Move it Mods that are compatible, but must be placed BELOW UFO in load order: All Follower Appearance mods Specialized followers Essential Followers Better Followers (do not use and delete C01Quest from data/scripts folder)NPC Editor created mods And similar..

They are used as any voice power pressing Z(voice cast button by default). Requirements: 50 Speechcraft, 5000 gold (1.2f)--Command Relax (All followers within range will enter sandbox behavior waiting on the location and doing different things. Use again for followers to stop relaxing)--Command Stop (All followers withing range will receive wait order. While fleeing followers will not use horses.)--Command Stop Fighting (Should followers start fighting among themselves this will shout them to a stop.)TIP: Commands can be hotkeyed to number buttons for faster use (in my case i bound them to 5,6,7, 8 buttons and i cast them by Q)Bow/arrows -- Endlessly spawning bow and arrows have been removed-- UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul --Update 1.2i FIxed: Follower Sneak/Mount mix Update 1.2h Added a fix for 1.7 Skyrim patch dialogue bug.

Use again for followers to start following you.)--Command Flee (If battle is going poorly command your followers to flee. Should no longer be needed to save/load to get custom dialogues to work.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The reception you guys gave this mod is great! (Set follower essential so that it takes damage, but only goes down on one knee or mortal.

and while I try to thank everyone and reply to all comments, I might miss a few. Mortal = can be killed and does not regenerate hp) --You could dress better.

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