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Not because this will make a good story but because telling this story to the world may help me finally forgive myself. This deep, dark secret of mine demands to be let out. He was much older than my own brother but not old enough to be called uncle.



He sifted through my hair, told me I had unnaturally dry scalp and it's a surprise that I have healthy skin at all.Together, we convinced my mom to let me and my sister drop by his place on our way from Sunday school.That Sunday, I carried a box of homemade sweets with me for Aunty (his mother) and his nephew, who was barely two at the time. I expected him to give me a bottle of this precious concoction but he told me it should be applied the proper way.That my head message was nice, thank you, but it is getting late.That my little sister was probably bored and I wanted to chat with Aunty. He told me that Aunty was taking her afternoon nap and I better not disturb her and the baby now.

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