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When the user puts information in the textboxs and clicks update I have an event handler to set up my query using @fieldname to dynamicaly create the query.However I have another query independent of the datasource and I need to be able to see the actual information that was entered into the textbox(s).Dear all, After controlling Datagrid Width in EDIT MODE (code as follows), I cannot control width during display. Insert in a number of places, including Load, Pre Render, Data Binding and Data Bound.I have another grid that did not control width in Edit mode, and the command Change mode on Details View Control I am trying to change the mode of the detailsview control from Read Only to Insert when the control contains no records. None of them will actually change the mode so that the insert templates show. Change the width of Text Box controls in an Edit Mode Details View Hi all! How can i change the width of textbox in edit mode on run-time? Ideally, I would like the textbox to be multiline but I'll settle for width = 200 :)... Marco Minerva, [email protected] Sure, do something like this: protected void Details View1_Data Bound(object sender, Event Args e) Thanks, Ed Micro...We’re exploring love in many forms with first-hand accounts from the frontlines of dating, marriage, intimacy and friendship, all with people living—and loving—with disabilities or challenges like long-distance romance./Az DG--The-Only-Dating-Site-Script-That-You-Need‎Cached The Azerbaijan Development Group have created the Az DG script, a com/dating/azdg-dating-site.html‎Cachedazdg dating site - Online dating with pictures, chat rooms and more.Hi , I created a Details View with Edit mode option, I want to expand the width of the textbox that appears on the Edit Mode to narrow for my text input This is my detail view , I get 2 textboxes in edit mode, and I want to make them wider Width="100%" Cell Padding="4" Allow Paging="false" Auto Generate Rows="False" On Mode Changed="dv Spec_Mode Changed" On Mode Changing="dv Spec_Mode Changing" On Item Command="dv Spec_Item Command" On Item Updating="dv Spec_Item Updating" On Item Inserted="dv Spec_Item Inserted" On Item Inserting="dv Spec_Item Inserting" On Item Deleting="dv Spec_Item Deleting" On Data Bound="dv Spec_Data Bound" On Item Created="dv Spec_Item Created" On Item Updated="dv Spec_Item Updated" Thanks But I need another answer, I DONT WANT TO USE CUSTOM TEXTBOX I need to change the built in (Rows. In the edit mode of the details view, I want the width of textboxes align according to the text of field. Here's an example for you: ASPX Changing width of textboxes for Gridview in edit mode? this might help Ti GGe R add the following class in the app_code fo...

In detailsview Edit mode, we see many decimal places in the text boxes which come as a result of clicking on edit button.

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Problem here i am getting is described in following steps.1) User added an new record 2) User added second new record with out entering any data 3) User moved to first row 4) User come back(by mouse click) to senond row which has empty data As soon as user click on second row application raises an exception "Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object".

Example: 120.000000000000 using below code, i am not seeing the textbox when in edit mode, it appears as a label. I am using a Details View, with following aspx code, ...

How to change widths of the textboxes when editing gridview Hello, when creating a command for editing (i.e.

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