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After Ann-Margret turned down the role, Fonda was offered the lead in Cat Ballou, a comedic western that was one of 1965's biggest hits.

Instead Fonda stayed with natives, visited the enemy's capital city, and famously posed for several photos at an inactive Vietnamese anti-aircraft battery, as if she were shooting at incoming American planes.

During the Vietnam war, Fonda toured America with her Klute co-star and real-life lover Donald Sutherland, staging a "guerilla theater" piece called FTA (for "Fuck the Army" or, when speaking with mainstream reporters, "Free the Army").

"If you understood what communism was", she said, "you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would someday become communist".

She visited Alcatraz during its siege by Native Americans in 1969, and thought Rev. She supported Huey Newton's campaign for Congress, and said the Black Panthers were "our revolutionary vanguard.

We must support them with love, money, propaganda and risk".

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