Lying about height online dating

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I'm not a size 2, I'm not a model, haven't cured some disease or won the Nobel peace prize, but I'm ok with being me, lying about who you are tells me that you don't like yourself enough to be honest and I don't want a relationship with someone who doesn't. Who wants to be with someone who lies about something as trivial as their hight? What kind of person lies about trivial things on a dating site that has thousands of members?

Theres someone out there, or even on here, who digs you for who you are.

I am 6 ft 2 inches, and I really am that tall, but she informed me many men are adding inches..their height that is..question is, WHY?

If you are 5 6 and say 6 ft you will be discovered..are they thinking?

Height is fairly simple to measure accurately and is not open to interpretation.

Many of us older folks may report what our height was when we last measured...

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but as soon as i met them in person, i spot immediately that they lied about their height or age or body type on profiles. i questioned one and he said he never measured himself, he didn't know how tall he is. we women can tell the difference between 5'10 and 5'5 personality is the most important thing in a relationship, a few inches make no difference, but lying about it just put people off.

I was 5'11 in my 20's and am now 5'10'LOL, I'd love to lie about my height. I just wonder how long such a relationship would last that was initially based on a lie.

I'm an honest 6' 6" tall and get women who simply say I'm too tall to date. Of course, I'm simply AMAZED at the number of women I've chatted with who's profile says they are "49" but when you chat or meet, they tell you their real age and blame it on the POF computer not being right, blah, blah, blah. In the end, those people are not fooling others by placing wrong information on their profiles, they are fooling themselves!

it's the same as people saying "a few extra pounds" on their profile when they make me look thin!

either they aren't realistic or are seriously delusional and really see themselves that way? welcome to the wonderful world of the internet where some can be anyone they say they are, even if it isn't really who they are.

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