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For standard games, the teams usually alternate banning maps until only one remains.In best-of-3 or best-of-5 matches, teams are allowed to ban respectively 2 and 1 map each, with the games being played on the remaining maps.

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Maps are picked for their strategic value and flexibility, though some are edited to be viable, like the 'banana' corridor in CTF_turbine_pro that connects the outer stairs to the inside of the intel for additional path for flanking.

Remember the player counts and why it varies like that?

These are the three main team formats recognized by United Gaming Clan (UGC), each of them played differently.

The alterations above allows coordination, teamwork, game knowledge, and skill to shine while also challenging (usually) much more competent opponents, giving TF2 a fresh option for seasoned veterans.

While there is a voice-comm implemented into the game, players often use external voice programs instead for their lower latency, the most common choice being Mumble.

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