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Join princess Rapunzel in her online fashion adventure!

Help her refresh her collection and buy for her some new dresses only.

After that, you'll become her fashion adviser, so choose the best makeup ...

Audrey, Jessie and Victoria are three fabulous girls who really enjoy spending time on social media.

You will responsible for their outfits and this is your cha... Start by dressing her up in some cute outfits and decorate the place for the party.

With your help she'll dye her hair black and enjoy a wonderful spa session. It's time for Ice Princess to enjoy a relaxing spa session where you can apply face masks and clear her face of impurities.

Merida, Mulan and Elsa want to spend some time together so they have decided to go away to...

Elsa and Rapunzel are in Paris, and they want to buy some new fashionable clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Sofia The First has arrived at the dentist lab and she wants to get rid of the toothache. Weren't you just amazed at the stunning voices in the new season of The Voice? They truly are a breath of fresh air, animating the who... Barbie and Ellie are in college now and since this is their first year, they have been really looking forward to this first spring break vacation, just like mo...

She also wants to have a beautiful smile again, so would you like to help her? Summer time is the perfect time to try new outfits. This magical girl has become an instant vizier to the shah of this region, but before he makes her the official advisor of this desert kingdom, he'll need an example of her vast power. Eskimos use huge mounds of solid ice to keep warm during the harsh winter months in the far North.

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